September 1 2009

   a first day for humanity's children

"This is not rocket science - this is common sense."

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On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of society and it's children

NEVER AGAIN :: Understandings

We urge you to understand that we are simply concerned mums, dads and children working to bring about a halt across the globe to the horrors of the sexual abuse of children and the problems that brings to all of us.
That sort of understanding says to us that we need a global date to call a halt.
We want you to understand that this can be achieved by September 1 of this year

We all say we understand that

rape or sexual assault is a crime regardless of who commits it
we say it is a crime to cover-up these crimes
we also say we know that the laws in every country across the world are meant to oppose the sexual abuse of children and we know they consistently fail us and our children

we know no country is exempt from this socially destructive horror

we know there is horror in it when it occurs

we know it needs to and must stop

it is evident that a stop cannot be successfully made and carried through from within a religious body unless they are willing to operate in a democratic manner.

The September 1 initiative aim is to bring to the world a definitive solution to the global clergy abuse crisis

Check our findings at Trauma in Religion

"A cult is a belief system which demands your belief and participation so that it may save you from cultish beliefs and customs."

"Only the exploited can see no harm or wrong in the exploitation of children and others - only those who as they gain an understanding of when they themselves have been exploited are able to see the horrors which come as a result of exploitation."

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