September 1 2009

   a first day for humanity's children

"This is not rocket science - this is common sense."

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On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of society and it's children

NEVER AGAIN :: Religion

We understand that September 1 is the most appropriate response available today in regards the extended period the world has experienced in response to the centuries of the covering up of the sexual abuse and the exploitation of children and on throughout their lives by clergy and other authority figures.
We understand that September 1 offers no immediate comment in regards obtaining justice, restoration or compensation,  we understand that we all have these feelings in abundance,  however we believe the need to actually implement a stop is the most important imperative.
We  understand that September 1 is an essential part in the healing process of every individual on the planet who has suffered in some way as a result of this cover-up and the resulting abuses.
We understand the need for a positive combined approach from across the world

We have challenged Police Forces, Political Parties, Politicians, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Cardinals, Bishops, Popes, Civic and Community leaders as well as individuals across the globe to put forward a more appropriate response. We have not lost one of those arguments yet despite being repeatedly shown "all the good work we do".

We challenge you to put forward a more effective plan or to offer your input towards improving and implementing this one.

We understand that this initiative needs the active support and promotion of as many as possible.

We understand that our current children and the children of the future will be grateful and will thank you simply because they will be the first to experience the changes that September 1 will bring.
We all understood this at some time in our childhood and we wondered if you understood the reasons why that changed?
90% of Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims are Adult Women

"Educating to End Abuse"
Peggy Warren

The September 1 initiative aim is to bring to the world a definitive solution to the global clergy abuse crisis

Check our findings at Trauma in Religion

"A cult is a belief system which demands your belief and participation so that it may save you from cultish beliefs and customs."

"Only the exploited can see no harm or wrong in the exploitation of children and others - only those who as they gain an understanding of when they themselves have been exploited are able to see the horrors which come as a result of exploitation."

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