September 1 2009

   a first day for humanity's children

"This is not rocket science - this is common sense."

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On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of society and it's children

NEVER AGAIN :: Never again


We have had more than 80 years of a cover up of the sexual abuse of children by clergy.
We have had no Royal Commission, no Government investigation into the effects this has had on society, no Government acknowledgement of any harm and therefore no plan to put society back on track after such a prolonged cover up by the leading Christian religion on the planet.
When we say "Never again" today we know that if there are no changes made then there will be more occurrences in the future just as we have today and have had in the past.
September 1
can make those words into a reality.

Governments fail to see a problem therefore there is no need of a solution
Churches have no need to offer a solution because the Government sees no problem
if "Never again" is to ever have any meaning in regards the sexual abuse of children across the globe then join with September 1 and make that difference we all hope for into a reality.

Asking for September 1 is both positive and progressive and much more powerful than any other concept we are aware of which is attempting to address this issue.

If you feel so outraged and if you are motivated beyond simply expressing your anger and outrage at these crimes then you would simply join in with the September1 initiative and publicly show your support.

September 1 is only one facet of a global alliance opposing the failure of Governments across the world to uphold human rights and their failure to appropriately regulate religions into compliance. Its not rocket science when you look at it - its simply common sense.

The September 1 initiative aim is to bring to the world a definitive solution to the global clergy abuse crisis

Check our findings at Trauma in Religion

"A cult is a belief system which demands your belief and participation so that it may save you from cultish beliefs and customs."

"Only the exploited can see no harm or wrong in the exploitation of children and others - only those who as they gain an understanding of when they themselves have been exploited are able to see the horrors which come as a result of exploitation."

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