September 1 2009

   a first day for humanity's children

"This is not rocket science - this is common sense."

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On the sexual abuse, exploitation & deception of society and it's children

NEVER AGAIN :: Molested Catholic Central

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Fractured through threat
Should the threat of Hell be used to keep Catholics and Christians silent about child sexual abuse by clergy?

The most uninspiring meeting in my life

Ken and JohnB speaking on Healing

Joey and JohnB - Royal Commission Private Session

Why we call Catholicism toxic
If you teach fantasy to a child as though it were the truth

From the Survivors Dictionary
Victim: A survivor of religious and government (Institutional) abuse who has yet to recognize who their abusers are.

Abbott intervenes after reports to the UN on torture
The most likely outcome of those discussions is likely to be enforced through parliament in quick time once the PM translates t

URGENT Advisory to Australian survivors of clergy abuse
Demand evidence based support systems only

What time is it?
Propmted by a call to fight

Ken Kosiorek
A tribute to a wonderful man who gave so much to children

Royal Commission abandons witness to risk of torture
A man currently in jail wants to speak up after a horrific childhood of being trafficked by his mother at 5 years of age - she burned his face with acid as a child.

Don't tell me what to say!!
Sue Cox says it very clearly once again

Give me a call!
My musings, rants, celebrations and chatter as a victim of catholic clergy rape and abuse, years of subsequent lost potential a

Australian royal commission setting the agenda of the future for children
The world and its children awaits the interim report of the Royal Commission.

Robin Henderson Victorian Inquiry Email re Redactions

Robin Henderson Victorian Inquiry Redacted by Victorian Inquiry

Robin Henderson Senate Inquiry Original

Stephanie Calabornes Submission re Paper 6 - Version 2

Published submissions made to the Royal Commission
These are public pages and will not suffer the risks of being lost in the dark web at the end of the Royal Commission or on a

Stephanie Calabornes Submission re Paper 6

Issues Paper 6 Redress Schemes - point 7
redress: remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation).set upright again.

Back in the old days of mates and protection

Don't ring me...!
I am still quite bemused why Premier christian radio still phone me up for comments when there is yet another ridiculous and in



The September 1 initiative aim is to bring to the world a definitive solution to the global clergy abuse crisis

"A cult is a belief system which demands your belief and participation so that it may save you from cultish beliefs and customs."

"Only the exploited can see no harm or wrong in the exploitation of children and others - only those who as they gain an understanding of when they themselves have been exploited are able to see the horrors which come as a result of exploitation."

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